Dec 5 – 9, 2022
Beijing, China
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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For Speakers and Chairs

We made this guidance in order to make sure every speaker and chair could deliver a presentation or moderate sessions online successfully.


Before the conference, please make sure you have downloaded the Zoom software .  

The conference will be held through a ZOOM meeting.


You could enter the ZOOM meeting room in 2 ways.

1. Through the CYC2022 official website, view the Programme page to check the detailed schedule:

2. By log in to your personal account in the system below:


No matter if you enter the meeting room by which method, you should use your E-mail address to log in to the same account with the SPMS system, the password for every registered participant will be sent by email before the conference.  You can modify the password after you log in to the account.


Presentation tips for speakers:

  1. Make sure you are going to do the presentation in a space with a good web environment.
  2. Suggest logging in to the Zoom meeting room 30 minutes before the Conference.
  3. Please mute when you enter the room after the conference starts, or if it is not your turn yet.
  4. Please open your PPT before the chair/moderator introduce you to the audience. You can start ‘share the screen’ after the chair/moderator’s introduction and start your presentation. Please do not use PPT’s Speaker Mode, otherwise, your notes would be seen by the audience.
  5. If anything happens during your speech (no sound, no image, network breakdown, etc), please follow the chair/moderator or the technician staff’s instructions.
  6. The academic staff will do the timekeeping during your presentation. The chair/moderator may prompt you if you run out of your time.
  7. In order to ensure the interaction with the participants and answer their questions, please leave the live room after the chair/moderator announces the end of the session. For discussion and Q&A, the questions from participants will be indicated by the chair/moderator.
  8. After your presentation please don’t forget to stop ‘share the screen’


Tips for chairs and moderators:

  1. Make sure you are in a space with a good web environment when you chair the meeting.
  2. Suggest logging in to the Zoom meeting room 30 minutes before the Conference.
  3. Please mute when you enter the room after the conference starts, or if it is not your turn yet.
  4. Recommend the image of the chair/moderator be viewed on the screen at least at the beginning of the session for the introduction and during the discussion/Q&A session. 
  5. You are advised to be alert in unexpected situations, for example in situations where the speaker fails to log in for a live presentation or the speaker encounters technical problems with audio and/or video transmission. Under those circumstances, you may consider inviting the next speaker for the presentation or asking the technical staff to switch to the pre-recorded presentation if the videotape was submitted by the speaker. 
  6. Please be familiar in advance with meeting procedures and the information of each speaker in your session.
  7. If anything happens during your session (no sound, no image, network breakdown, etc.), please give a call to your OC contact person and let him or her take the task.
  8. The staff will keep track of the time during your session. They will leave messages in the chat box to remind you that the time allocated for the session is about to end (at 3 minutes, 1 minute and time’s up). You may prompt your speakers or discussion to avoid overtime. 
  9. For discussion and Q&A, you need to direct the participants online.
  10. Sometimes participants may be too shy to ask questions. To ensure the smooth conduction of the session you may wish to prepare a couple of questions yourself in advance.


Should you have any questions about CYC2022, please do not hesitate to contact us via or